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Mike and Jennifer S - 5 & 6 Year Updates*

Mike and Jennifer S - 5 & 6 Year Updates*
  • Jennifer had her surgery 6 years ago and her husband Mike decided to have his own surgery a year later. Here are their recent updates (5 years for Mike and 6 years for Jennifer):

    Thanks for checking in! Here are a couple of more before pictures. I think the ones of us in the Atlanta shirts might have been right after my surgery. My favorite before picture is the one with me in the pink tie-dyed shirt next to the water and the one during our wedding was in between. I think I had lost about 45 lb at that point.

    I’m down to 145-150 now (my lowest was 135lbs). Mike is down to 212 pounds and off all diabetes meds!

    I almost forgot. Yes you have permission to print and post. I know I sent a bunch of pics but I can't resist, we've come so far.

    It's been an amazing journey!! We're so very happy!

    J: Mini Gastric Bypass

    M: Metabolic Mini Gastric Bypass for Diabetes

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, MD, FACS

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