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Robin A*

Robin A*
  • Hi JoAnne,

    I wanted to send you all kudos for getting me set-up and for guiding me with such kindness along my journey. I had so many fears and questions. Each fear and question was resolved in a matter of moments by you. I love the way that you even took time to call me when you felt like a verbal response would be best.

    A lot of people don’t understand how much goes into the decision making, how much research and examination has to done before making a decision as to have a surgery this big and then deciding to go out on even a bigger limb and take yourself to a foreign country like Mexico. So again your reassurance and continued support made it easier for me to decide to believe in BeLiteWeight as a company and one that I could put my trust in as far as my body and life were concerned.

    So I thank you all again for bending over backwards and as a result of this I am truly the happiest person in the whole wide world!!! I am off all of my medications and feeling like a new person. I have no more pain in my feet and back, I am ready to take the world on with one hand.

    Humbled and grateful,
    Robin A and my Hubby Edmundo

    Hello Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Aramburo and Team,

    I am writing to let you know of my experience with your wonderful team. First of all I just have to say that the best part of my experience was actually from all the Doctors and Nurses at Star Medica and my actual surgery. (Sometimes I just don’t believe I had major surgery I felt so good.)

    Day one when I arrived at Star Medica, I was treated like a princess; I was told every step of way what was going to happen, I enjoyed being told in great detail what you all were going to do to me and why. The Lady Doctor who took my medical history and recorded everything is very special Lady. I feel as though even though it was for a very short period that she was there to take care of my every need and that she really, really cared about me and my wellbeing. It takes a very special person to be able to do that in the medical world and for them to keep their medical professionalism at the same time. (I am so sorry I can’t remember names, but I can remember that I was treated exceptionally well by all.)

    The second day when Dr. Rodriguez came in and said are you ready, I felt so comforted!!! He was so smooth with his delivery of my medical services I almost forgot that I was going to have this major life altering surgery. I never once felt that I had to question my decision. I felt like I was in good hands.

    I meet so many Doctors who came in just reassured me that what I was doing at the moment was part of the procedure and if I had any questions what so ever to just ask them, they told me that the wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and that was what they were there for.

    So on to the surgery, I was wheeled down and given the magic potion and I really relaxed even more. I told the folks in the preparation room to please have Doctor Rodriguez say a prayer for me and she promised me that she would and off to sleep I went. When I woke I was like what I am done, cause when I squiggled a bit around in the bed a bit there was no pain, none what so ever!!! I was like this Doctor Rodriguez is a miracle worker; I don’t even feel like I had surgery!!! So the next day I was off and walking around the halls, my gas pains may have been all of a 2 on a scale of 1-10, ten being the worse.

    Then on the last day the Doctor (I can’t remember his name) took time to explain to me how to eat, when and how to take my medicines, by gosh I felt so well looked after, it was better treatment that what we get in the States in most cases.

    Then to Dr. Elmo Aramburo (I think that was his name) he took out my drain and man did we have fun!!!! I was laughing so hard and he was teasing me and the whole time the drain was already out. He could have been a brother to me he was so nice!!!! (I think it was Doctor Elmo)

    My experience has to be rated as A+ all the way around and I would tell anyone who asked me about you all.

    With all my love and good health and wishing the whole surgery team and staff all the best,
    Robin A and my hubby Edmundo as well!


    *See below