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Crystal S*

Crystal S*

    I forgot to update you on my experience with the surgery and the post op healing. I am grateful to you for helping me through process of getting into this surgery. You helped me with details and calmed my nerves.When picked up a the airport I was pleasantly surprised that my ride was there and waiting.

    The surgery was difficult for me. I was in pain and not sure how to handle myself. With that in mind I have never been treated so well in a hospital before. I could not speak a word of Spanish. But this wasn't an issue because the staff were so kind and tried hard to fulfill every need. They checked on me frequently and even listened throughout the night to my needs for pain medication and were helpful in finding me a sleep aide that would stop me from pacing the hallways all night.The doctors and specialist came at least three times a day to check on me. They seemed to sincere in their concerns and listened intently.I have never ha that experience of the actual doctors talking to me and staying to chat about the healing, I loved it!

     I want to thank all of  you for your professionalism and amazing care. When I was at my weakest you guys made me feel safe, cared about, and heard.

    The medication were affordable and worked great. I am now healed and have lost 34 pounds in 2 months*, I am moving forward. I am so grateful for this new chance in life!


    Crystal S


    *See below