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Melisa G - 7 Month Update*

Melisa G - 7 Month Update*
  • The last few months have made a huge impact on my life! 6 months ago I wasn't able to walk across the room without feeling like my lungs were gonna collapse! I have four beautiful little girls who were watching their momma die! I was able to reach out to BeLite and they quickly got me headed in the right direction!!
    It was a little difficult at first, after the surgery, learning how much I could eat to get full! But the weight came off fast and I am so thankful! Having this surgery was the best thing I have ever done! I feel so much better and I am able to give my kids a better life!! If you're on the edge of a decision on whether to get the surgery or not I can tell you don't waste another minute!! Schedule your surgery now because it is worth it!!!

    Gastric Sleeve

    Dr. Jose Rodriguez & Elmo Aramburo

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