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Bill and Dana C - 1 Year Update*

Bill and Dana C - 1 Year Update*
  • Bill's 1 Year Update: Gastric sleeve is best thing I've ever done.  I still haven't gotten below 200.  The lowest is 202. I've been hanging between 202 and 205 for a couple of months. I drive a truck and am on the road 6 days a week.  

    I concentrate on protein, and try to limit my carbs.  Since it's starting to warm up, I can use my 30 min break to walk instead of just sitting inside my cab. Once I get off the road, I expect to start losing consistently as well.  I'll be more active on a daily basis. My goal is 160#. The email is still good.

    We recommend you to people who ask about surgery. 

    Dana's 1 Year Update: I am doing really well. I've gotten down just under 200lbs. I started at 300lbs which is 100lbs off this past year!

     So happy with my decision to have the surgery with you guys! The only side effect I've had is some nausea, which as long as I eat something it goes away. Some hair loss. And I can't handle plain water now for some reason which is weird. I use water flavoring.

    Here are some pics - My hubby Bill and I before surgery and this one taken last month.

    Thank you!!


    Both had Gastric Sleeve

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, MD, FACS 

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