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Nicolette C and Holly K - 8 month update*

Nicolette C and Holly K - 8 month update*
  • Please see our attached pictures. The original was taken on June 30th, sitting at the airport on our way to Juarez.  The other was taken on January 8th (my sisters birthday)  Both my sister and I had surgery on June 30th with Dr Rod. 

    The facility was amazingly clean and the staff was phenomenal!!  Our other sister is actually sitting in Juarez having her sleeve done today (2/23/15) at noon. 

    It has been just under 8 months since surgery.  I am no longer taking diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol medication. My A1c has dropped from a 10.5 to a 5.9.*  I weigh less than I ever have in my adult life. 

    Thanks to Dr Rod and the BeLite team, I finally had the courage to go to beauty school.  This is something that I never would have had the courage to do without this life saving procedure.  I am due to graduate in May, and couldn't be happier.  My whole life has changed, I finally feel like I am actually living.


    *See below