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Amy E*

Amy E*

    I'm down 150lbs... WOOOHOOO*!!!  Also my friend who went to have surgery, as a result of me going, is down about the same amount too!  From a size 26/28 pants and 3x shirt to a size 14 pants and M/L shirt*!!!

    Thank you so much for making this program available to people like me who can't afford the prices here in the states and who's insurance doesn't cover the surgery!  I must say it has been completely life changing!!!  I feel like after 10 years of not feeling like myself I have "Me" back!  I cannot thank you enough... no words could describe how amazing it feels!!!  THANK YOU!

    Will send photos soon. I just need to find some good full body pics of before as I was always hiding behind the camera in those days!  As for recent ones, I have plenty!!! :)  I will see about rounding them up asap.  Also, I just got back yesterday from Juarez accompanying another one of my friends to your facility to have the sleeve done!  :)  That's 3 so far since mine!




    *See below