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Lisa S*

Lisa S*
  • Lisa did an updated blog post about her obesity struggle and ending up on a cover of a wedding magazine. It's very inspiring and you can read it by clicking here.

    BeliteWeight saved my life. I was the girl who struggled with her weight her whole life, I went up the scale and down the scale. When I had a bad day, I ate, when I was bored, I ate.... I love food! I come from a Mexican family and our celebration are centered around food. I hated going to the movies because I couldn't fit in the seat comfortably, I wore sweatshirts to cover my body and I hated planes. A month before surgery, I had to get on a plane and I remember how awful it felt to get on a plane and the seat belt wouldn't felt. When I looked in the mirror, I saw ugly and FAT! I had enough and I told my mother that I wanted to have Bariatric Surgery, this is when I found BeliteWeight.

    If it wasn't for their kindness and passion of BeliteWeight, I would not have done this. Yes, I had the same fears, as you all do about going to Mexico, but I trusted BeliteWeight that I would be okay. My mother did the Gastric Sleeve Surgery with me as well! On March 11, 2011 my mother and I went on the plane, barely fitting in the seat, holding each others hands, as we were ready to take on this journey! No turning back!

    When we arrived to El Paso, a kind man picked us up and took us straight to the hospital. The hospital was the nicest hospital I have ever been to. My mother is a medical professional and we were both in awe. The most impressive part was the care, from the moment we got there we were greeted with professional and kind individuals. The surgeons were there to easy your nerves and educate you. It was just an amazing experience! To me, Juarez has a lot to teach the United States!

    On March 11, I gained years on to my life! Five days after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, I flew out to Baltimore from Texas and walked five miles with no problem! The Gastric Sleeve Surgery has changed the person I am inside and out. I started at 5'8 at 261 and seven months later I weigh 174 lbs*., That's 87 pounds!* My mother who is 55 has lost over 60 pounds!* I still love food, but now food does not control my life, I do! I started this journey at a size 22 and today I bought a pair of size 12 pants!*

    These moments were created because of BeliteWeight! BeliteWeight is a company that can change your life, the staff has become my friends, but most of all they saved my life! If you are sitting thinking, "Should I do this? Is it safe?" My answer to you is YES! You are worth this amazing Bariatric Surgery! Call BeliteWeight now!!!


    Procedure : Gastric Sleeve

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    *See below