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Patty H - 1 Year Update*

Patty H - 1 Year Update*
  • Just wanted to share my progress pictures to the ones who gave me an open door to get the sleeve done!!!! It has been a struggle but worth it. So far after 1 year I have lost 92.5 lbs with the help of my tool. I give permission for Belite to use the pictures attached for the website or any other form of advertising, education, promotion, or just plan proof having the surgery in Mexico is safe and life changing. Thanks everyone. Here are my stats JUST IN CASE!!! LOLSleeved on 5/10/18 in Juarez MexicoHeight: 5\'3\"SW: 285 lbsCW: 192.5 lbsGW: 150-160 (healthy)Surgeon Dr. Jose Rodriguez

    Procedure Gastric Sleeve

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