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Pam N - 13 Month Update*

Pam N - 13 Month Update*
  • I, Pamela N, personally authorize BeLite Weight permission to use my pictures and testimony in regards to my weight loss.

    My journey has come from here to there and back again, about 3 times and then some.  When I was 40 I was down to 124#, I mean really? REALLY?  But, I’m 65 now and never thought I’d be back to a svelte, well certainly not 124#, but my weight is down and never will it dare rise again!

    In 2009 I was the victim of a Black Hawk helicopter accident.  I was standing on the ground, the force of the wind from the copter rotors pushed me down and threw me around then picked me up and dropped me 11 feet!  Surprisingly I didn’t break any bones but had multiple contusions, back and hip pain, shoulder and neck pain.  I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and GERD and was put on drug therapy, neurotoxin injections, back therapy, physical therapy, pain clinic therapy and sleep therapy.  What a painful mess!  Due to meds and inactivity I escalated to 200#.  My BMI was 31.6 and I couldn’t find anywhere in the US that would consider me for bariatric surgery.  I researched several out-of-country facilities and found Belite Weight to be the perfect fit.
    My surgery for Vertical Sleeve Gastectomy was scheduled for April 14, 2015.  I was scared and hoped I was doing the right thing.  At 9pm, on April 13th the EKG tech asked me if I was nervous, I replied yes, and he said, “You are in good hands.”  He gave me the confidence I needed.  The next morning I was prepped was the first into surgery. I was back into my room by 2:45 but by 5:00 it was obvious something was wrong.  I could not move without passing out, my blood pressure and oxygen levels were very low, and at 8:40pm I was rushed back into surgery.  Drs. Rodriguez and Aramburo found a large hematoma at the upper part of my stomach. I awoke in ICU at 10:30 and truly felt great and everything has been uphill since.

    A year later I no longer need my C-Pap, my incontinence is completely gone, I’ve been taken off 2 meds, my blood pressure and my cholesterol  are perfect.  I’m still dealing with chronic pain, however with the weight off the pain is now manageable and I am told I am as healthy as a 40 year old! I have lost 60#!!!!  Would I do it again, absolutely!  Do I love my size 8, you betcha!

    The attached "before" picture was February of 2015 and the "after" picture is in June, also in 2015.


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Surgery Gastric Sleeve

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