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Cynthia M - 16 Month Update*

Cynthia M - 16 Month Update*
  • JoAnn and the staff at BeLite Weight are phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to work with BeLite Weight on two separate occasions, (10/2012 and 08/2019), and each time I was assisted very promptly and professionally. Thanks to BeLite Weight, I am a new-old person!
    I feel like a new and improved person who has my old life back. After my Weight loss surgery I am healthier, since I no longer require all the various medications.. and I am happier as I weigh the same as I did before all of my weight issues began. The customer service at BeLite Weight, is top notch.
    JoAnn and her staff, didn’t just treat me like a client, they treated me like I was someone important, like I was a family friend. The doctors who work with BeLite Weight are among the best in their field, I appreciated the time they took in explaining my procedure to me, in great detail, and their care and follow-up was superb. I couldn’t of asked for better service and the results speak for themselves. The overall experience with my weight loss surgery journey was economically worth every penny, and lifesaving. I owe my new lease on life and getting back my girlish figure to BeLite Weight. Words cannot express how appreciative and grateful I feel. Thank you BeLite Weight! CM"

    Revision of a prior Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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