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Wendy A*

Wendy A*
  • My journey with my weight was a life long struggle, I was always overweight even as a child throughout life. My weight hit all time highs and on occasion I was able to take weight off, but it always came back. 
    Sixteen months ago I began researching surgery options and after careful consideration I chose to go through BeLiteWeight for their help. From the very beginning they were very helpful. There were a lot of forms and testing I had to get done from my regular doctor to make sure I could physically as well as mentally under go the surgery. So decision made, myself and my family was off to Vegas!!! 
    During our journey out there we did some vacationing. Little did I know it would truly be my last vacation as the person I knew. We went to Omaha Zoo, Boys Town and Hiking at each of these. I thought I was going to die! I was in pain physically and I was having a hard time with the heat but I kept in sight that, as a family, we were going to get through this. We arrived in Vegas on April 8, 2012 and when we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by Lisa who was a representative with BeLiteWeight. She was amazing and a lot of help. She took us to meet the surgeon, then to the hospital to register and get test done there. Because we flew in she even gave not only myself but my husband and daughter a ride to the hospital on the morning of what I like to call the BIG DAY... 
    The surgery itself went great and my surgeon, Dr. Bernie Hanna, was great. I was released from the hospital 31 hours after surgery. Two days after surgery I was on my way home for my new beginning. I will not say it has all been a perfect story. I experienced bouts of being sick , unable to eat, ulcers, and had to have my gallbladder removed within this last year. However at the time of surgery I was 347 pounds and wearing a size 28, but more often then not I was wearing stretch clothing. 
    It is now 13 months after surgery and I weight 150 pounds.* I was able to undergo a back surgery that I have needed for years but unable to undergo because of weight. I am also taking five less medications then before surgery. I will tell you I am able to walk 3 miles at a time with my daughter I enjoy life more, going in public more, and I am much more happier with myself then before surgery.
    Thank You BeLiteWeight for helping me and my family, because this surgery is not just an individual experience but a family one.
    Procedure: Gastric Bypass Surgery / RNY
    Surgeon: Dr. Bernie Hanna
    *See below