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Maria & Eduardo T - 9 Month Update*

Maria & Eduardo T - 9 Month Update*
  • Here's a bit about our weight loss journey, this is the best thing both Eduardo and I could have done. So blessed and happy that we were able to do it together. We both had the gastric sleeve on November 9, 2015 by Dr. Rod and Dr. Elmo at Star Medica. Both doctors, the staff and the hospital were great! 

    We are super excited to say that we are right about 9 months from having surgery and we are down a total of  222 lbs between the both of us. Eduardo is down 135 lbs and I am down 87 lbs, we are so happy with our results so far! After trying different ways to lose weight for years and nothing working, we realized this was our only option left. Again I can't express how grateful I am that we decided to do this together at a Team!!

    We are very thankful for BeLite Weight, because of them we are a lot healthier now than before. Even though we still more to go and at times our weight loss slows down we knew that sooner or later we will be where we want to be at. 


    Surgeon  Dr. Jose Rodriguez
    Surgery Gastric Sleeve

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