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Latoya D - 7 Month Update*

Latoya D - 7 Month Update*
  • First I would like to say that this was the best decision i I could ever made.  I have struggled with my weight for about 10 years and have taken every diet pill and have been on every diet known to man!  It was getting harder and harder for me to do the most simple things. Hated going to the grocery store, felt like people were starring at me. I became really down on myself. I saw myself eating all the time like i had a never ending stomach!  The last draw was when i was leaving Subway and a kid yelled out the car and called me fat. I researched the Gastric Sleeve procedure in Mexico for about a year. I did not qualify in the states because i had no health issues only high BMI. Ibecame  frustrated and knew that i could not do this by myself.

    My starting weight the day of surgery  October 2014 was 235 and currently June 2015 I am 175. I feel absolutely amazing!!!  I can only eat about 3oz a time and by the time im hungry again i already worked it off by waking at work so thats how the weight stays off !!I could have lost a whole lot more but i had to kind of lay off excercise and my diet because clothes were getting a little expensive because of the weight coming off.... I went from a 18/20 to a size 12 !!  I actually get excited to get dressed in the morning now and love going shopping now. People that havent seen me in a while are amazed and think i look my own sister just smaller. I love it!!   Just thank you for everything and the sweetest follow up staff. *


    Surgeons Dr Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Procedure Gastric Sleeve


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