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Terrie J*

Terrie J*
  • My name is Terrie J
    Surgery: was January 17th 2014
    Start weight: 340 I am down 118 pounds* I have about 52 pounds to go.

    I live in North Carolina my e-mail is (on referral list) if I can help in anyway.

    My journey was great, BeLiteWeight really was a life saver for me. Everyone was nice to me and they new what they were doing. The hospital was clean, they came in and cleaned 2 times a day. The doc's were there to great me, and everyone of them came in and seen me everyday. I was so impressed with the whole journey. I would do it all over if I needed to. I can't say enough about them and how I appreciate them all.

    Sorry don't have before or after pics, but I will get them soon.

    Surgeon: Dr Jose Rodriguez and Dr Elmo (they are the best)
    Location: Star Medica in Juarez Mexico
    Procedure: Vertical Sleeve


    *See below