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Pamela B*

Pamela B*

  • Many people have given me a hard time and said I wasn't big enough to have this surgery. I have struggled with my weight since I was 9 years old. And although I was never morbidly obese I have always been obese and unhappy. I let everyone come first and I finally found the time and money to take care of me. My kids are grown and starting to have kids of their own. I'm not the retired grandma, or the rich grandma, but now I can be the FUN grandma. This journey has given me the chance to fell better and younger than I did 30 years ago. My husband of 34 years and I are closer than ever. He has been great support. I feel great and have no regrets.

    I started at 199 pounds the day of my surgery in June, 2014 and I'm now 155 pounds.*

    I have a attached a few selfies of me along my journey. I would be honored for you to post them. Maybe it will help someone in a similar situation.

    I would like to add how great you guys have been. My facilitator has been there every step of the way and still answers any questions I have. She made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. BeLiteWeight provides a great service and I am so happy I found you.


    *See below