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Jessica W - 4 Month Update*

Jessica W - 4 Month Update*
  • I would recommend this procedure to anyone! This is the best decision I have made for myself. Learning how to eat again is definitely a mind game but as long as you make sure and eat your protein and vegetables first, there isn't room for anything else! I have already lost 74.5 pounds and am only 33 pounds away from my goal weight. I feel amazing! My A1c numbers are back in order and my cholesterol is now back in a normal range. As for having the surgery in Mexico, I was nervous but because of the referral list and the testimonials of people I could follow I put my trust in Beliteweight and I was not let down.

    We were picked up from the airport and taken straight to the hospital, there was someone at check-in to help translate and get us all set up in our room. My surgery was scheduled the same day as arrival and I was prepped and taken back very quickly. The surgery went well with no complications. Dr.  Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo both came and checked on me before and after the surgery in my room and explained everything to me. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days after surgery and traveled back home to Washington. I really had very little pain during recovery and only took the pain medications for the first couple of days when I got home.  I started my weight loss journey in a size 16 jeans the picture I've included is in my new size EIGHT jeans!!!*


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Procedure Gastric Sleeve


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