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Gabrielle - 4 Month Update*

Gabrielle - 4 Month Update*
  • I have been very happy with the results from my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. I had a lap band for 3 years but had to have it removed when I had peritonitis (not related to the band). I of course gained back 40 pounds very quickly and decided that I had to do something. I was never extremely obese, but I was overweight. My goal was to go from 200 pounds to 140. I was back up to 180 when I had my VSG with Dr. Jose Rodriguez & Dr. Elmo Aramburo.

    I have actually had three experiences with surgery in Mexico. The first time was in Monterrey, where I had my lap band placed. I was very satisfied with the surgeon, care, and facility. I was pretty happy with the lap band and lost weight. I sometimes had food get stuck, and getting fills was kind of inconvenient, but it was OK.

     The second time I went to Mexico, it was in Cancun. I was scheduled to have the sleeve done with a doctor there. As it turned out, I ended up not having the surgery. The doctor there started the surgery and then decided he didn't want to do it because I had scar tissue. To make matters worse, he told me that I wouldn't get any refund. It was a horror. All I had to show for my air fare, hotel, time off, and money ($6,500.00) was a 1 inch scar. So I was definitely nervous about trying Mexico again.

    I am so glad I went through with the surgery. My experience with BeLiteWeight was seamless from beginning to end. When I first inquired about the surgery and explained my fears from my recent trip, JoAnne called me and asked me about all of my concerns. She got answers to all of my questions and called me back.

    I was also concerned about the scar tissue I had from previous surgery, and she was kind enough to forward my medical records and pictures from my endoscopy to Dr. Rodriguez who looked at them and assured me that he would be able to do the surgery. Dr. Rodriguez even called me to make sure that all of my questions were answered. This was all before I even scheduled the surgery. Because of my prior bad experience with the other surgeon, JoAnne gave me in writing a contract that said how much it would cost if I went for surgery and it couldn't be performed.

    I went to Juarez in July of 2011 for the surgery. My husband went with me. He is a surgeon and if things didn't look on the up and up, he would have canceled the surgery. I arrived at the airport and was picked up promptly by a driver for BeLiteWeight. We were taken to the hospital (which is very safe and secure) and checked in. They were expecting all of us so the check in went quickly. I was taken to my room, which was nicer than any room in any facility I have seen in the US. It was quite clean and modern.

    I arrived on a Friday in the afternoon. I was seen by a psychologist, nutritionist, anesthesiologist, was given a history and physical, EKG, and lab work to make sure that I was safe for surgery. I went down later that day and had my procedure, which went well. Needless to say, it was a success. I was sore after, but it went away pretty fast. I actually left on Sunday, a day early and returned to work on Monday. Before I left the hospital in Juarez, they did a scan to make sure that there were no leaks in my suture line.

    Since my surgery I have not had to have any follow up. Dr. Rodriguez was actually kind enough to clean up some of the massive scar tissue I had which really reduced the pain I had from before the surgery. I steadily lost weight and reached my goal weight of 140.* I was up to 200 before Weight Loss surgery, which may not seem like a lot to some people, but I went from a size 16 (really tight) to a size 4.*

    I would do it again in a heart beat. I have been quite happy with the Gastric Sleeve. I wish that I would have had the sleeve to start with now. The band is good too though. My sister and brother both have a band and have both lost over 100 pounds.

    Even though it has been a year and a half, I still can't believe how good I look and feel. I have been to my PCP and GYN for annual check ups, and everything is great. My cholesterol went down to 170*. I wear a smaller size now than I did in high school.*

    It isn't often you can say that you got what you paid for with no problems, but I do think that I got what I paid for and more with this surgery and the services provided by BeLiteWeight.*


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo
    Surgery Gastric Sleeve to Bypass


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