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Kirk S - New Years Update*

Kirk S - New Years Update*
  • A New Year email we received this morning from Kirk and he gave us permission to share:

    "Nearly everyone I know makes the resolution, this is the year I lose weight. Well, 2014 I had some moments of clarity that made me realize I needed to get my weight under control or I would end up with serious health issues down the line. The bottom line is I'm down 80 pounds this year*. I am wearing the same sized clothes that I wore my final year of college, and hope to lose 20 more in 2015 and be back at my high school weight.

    This is honestly the best I have felt since I was in my 20's. I can finally run again, and I really enjoy working out 6 days a week. This is really exciting because there are so many things that I keep discovering that I can now do, but didn't realize were problems:

    > My ladder to the attic didn't creak when I got the Christmas lights down
    > I realized I mindlessly hopped up on three foot stoop, not tried to get my balance and carefully step up, I just jumped up on the thing
    > I don't have to plan and loosen up my hamstrings to cut my toenails
    > I went to my daughter's concert at the high school and realized - I didn't have to worry about my pants pocket getting caught on an arm rail. Heck there was actually room in the chair.
    > I don't grunt when I get up.
    > There is a noticeable absence of little pains in my knees and joints.
    > I can use the tray on an airplane without moving my belly.

    There is a host of more private revelations that I am not willing to share, but this has been a great journey. No more CPAP, no more blood pressure medicine, no more shopping in the big and tall section. I have more energy than I have in years and I am ready for 2015 with a vengeance. Hopefully this will give hope to others who have had the same struggle. I hope everyone has a great year."


    *See below