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Jentry J - 16 Month Update*

Jentry J - 16 Month Update*
  • I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have PCOS and can gain weight just by looking at food. I have been a chronic Yo-Yo dieter. I have done everything from HCG, Whole 30, long duration liquid cleanses, to starving myself.

    I was a collegiate athlete, and when the strict regimen of exercise was no longer placed upon me, I could not manage my weight any longer. I have had very close friends of mine have weight loss surgery and seeing how their success has turned into long term success, I realized that is what I have been looking for.

    So, I decided to schedule my surgery. I chose BeLiteWeight because of their surgical facilities and their American certified doctor. I cannot say enough about this process. Surgery was great. I felt very cared for by my surgeon. The nursing staff is also very kind and attentive.

    The recovery was not hard at all. The worst part was just muscle soreness from the scopes and incisions. This is only a tool to help with weight loss, it is not only the answer. This tool has given me the confidence to be able to exercise, eat healthier and with better portion sizes.

    I have been forever changed. My confidence has skyrocketed, and my motivation to be healthier has increased leaps and bounds!

    I have lost 90 pounds and hope to now build lean muscle.

    Mini Gastric Bypass

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, MD, FACS

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