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Sabrina K - 6 Month Update*

Sabrina K - 6 Month Update*
  • Hey JoAnne! All is very well!! I'm loving my progress. As of this morning, I have officially lost 72lbs. I'm at a weight now that I honestly never remember being at. Anxiously waiting and trying to get even more off. It's so crazy how amazing losing just a little bit of weight can make you feel. I feel so much better. I Was able to take a vacation with my family this summer and I just honestly and truly enjoyed this vacation for the first time- never out of breath, could handle the heat better. It was just amazing. I've been taking my vitamins daily and I'm lucky to have a close friend that owns an IV bar so I've been able to get a few of their vitamin IVs as well. It's still a learning process on some things I can or can't eat and I'm still having to work back up my strength (I need to exercise more). But overall, everything is GREAT! I would do it all over again 1,000 times- just wish I could have done it sooner.The left was at Christmas and the right is when we were on our vacation for July 4th. Everyone tells me they can see how happy I am on my smile now. But it's because I am. I truly feel like a new person. And thank y'all for changing my life! Have a blessed day!


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