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Robin H*

Robin H*
  • First off I want to thank Dr. Umbach and all the staff as well as North Vista Hospital for the wonderful hospitality  and excellent care they provided me. You gave me my life back and the will to keep fighting. I still have a long way to go.

    I started at 312 lbs. and am now 235lbs. a  total of 77 lbs*. still have 75 more to go. But I am off my  insulin my bp is normal.* I never thought that I would see those  changes. Nor did I see the changes as drastically as hubby saw till he took these pictures!
    I will admit I could not be happier with my health changes, Or the best health care ever wish we had hospital here had the same standards.

    I owe Dr. Umbach my lease on life. for I didn't have any hope and the medical issues where getting worse. I only had one kidney had been in 2 major car wreck so walking was little to none. I was in a wheel chair most of the time. Now I walk almost every where I swim with my grandson. I am not so weighted down now I love being able to do things again with my family. My hubby says he loves having his wife back. Has supported me from the beginning,so if you are thinking of having this type of surgery don't  hesitate the surgery and recovery time was a breeze for me I had no ill effects Dr. Umbach and staff are awesome, you wont regret it. I know I haven't and would do it again without  a doubt with Dr. Umbach.

    Enjoy my before and after pictures. the pictures are one year apart May 7th 2013 is day before the after picture is May 4th 2014 Thank you again for all you did for me!!

    Dr. Thomas Umbach
    Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery


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