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Tabatha L - 3 years Update*

Tabatha L - 3 years Update*
  • I have greatly enjoyed the journey over the last 3years.
    I have felt awesome!
    My High weight was 303lbs
    I Currently weigh 135lbs and I am in a size 6 petite. I would have never dreamed to be that size ever!
    Belite weight has given me the opportunity to achieve a more healthy way of life!
    3 yrs ago I never would have dreamed that this was possible for me.
    I was on blood pressure meds, metphormin for pre diabetes, thyroid problems also now al take is a vitamin Wow! Life is truly amazing!
    I am more active now and have lots of energy that never had before.


    RNY Bypass

    Dr. Elmo Aramburo

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