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Deb K. - 4 Days Post Surgery*

Deb K. - 4 Days Post Surgery*
  • Four days since surgery on Sept.29th, 2015. I'm feeling really good!  The experience in Mexico was unbelievable.  Don't ever let anyone scare you or tell you that it is unsafe to go the the Hospital Angeles in Juarez Mexico for any type of surgery.  The facility was gorgeous.  It was like a 4 star hotel.  Beautifully designed, immaculately clean and the staff was amazing.  I have never received care in America like I did in Mexico. 

    The nurses were kind and respectful.  They never entered your room without knocking and waiting for you to allow them in, the rest of the staff came in at least 2-3 times a day to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed.  They even offered to have food delivered from any restaurant in town for my husband is he so desired. The language barrier was a bit of a problem but the new translator apps work really well!   The Doctors..... I can't say enough.  They visited me regularly, kept me informed and the day of surgery they came in the morning, told me my surgery would be around noon and sure enough at 11:55am - they came to take me. 

    The surgery process was painless. Considering all of the old scar tissue and old remnant stomach that had to be removed,  I have had minimal pain since.  Just some discomfort from where the drain was placed for 2 days and the gas which is normal.  I am home now and following my post-op diet exactly as ordered.  I went for a walk this morning and will go for a couple more throughout the day. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!   I'm actually on my way to my new healthy life!  Oh, and by the way..... I'm already down 5 more lbs in the last 4 days!!  I'll be sending some before and after pictures around 3 months out. GIVE YOURSELF THE EXPERIENCE AND LIFE YOU DESERVE - HAVE THIS DONE WITH BELITEWEIGHT!!*


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Surgery Gastric Sleeve


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