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  • I had done WeightWatchers, bought all the over-the-counter weight loss aids, nothing worked. I had high blood pressure and both of my parents died young, scaring me to what the outcome of my future was. I am blessed with three beautiful grandchildren and wanted to be healthy for them so I could watch them grow. My goal was to be able to be active, go on roller coaster rides, ride bikes with them, and I could not have done this with out the help of BeliteWeight.

    I was nervous to get my lap band procedure done in Mexico because you hear all the bad stuff going on, but it was affordable. After going, I feel somewhat silly for ever being nervous, there was no issue with the language barrier. Being a nurse and used to hospitals, I was so impressed with the professionalism of everyone here and how clean and caring everyone was. I got to the point where I would not go out because we live in an "image-is-everything" world, now I love going out and am able to ride bikes with my grandchildren! The biggest thing is I feel so much better about myself, I never thought I would get to this point and am so happy I have.

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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