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Lisa H - 3 Year After Gastric Sleeve

Lisa H - 3 Year After Gastric Sleeve
  • Hi,

    I didn't begin putting on extra weight until after high school. I was very active playing basketball and softball so extra pounds had never been a concern for me. Over the next couple of decades, I would lose and gain the same weight using all the fads and pills. I finally made the decision in 2020 to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery. BeLiteWeight was recommended by a colleague and so began my journey.

    My insurance did not cover bariatric surgery of any kind for any reason. Being able to use this company has been a life changer for me. On the day of surgery in March of 2021, I was over 300 pounds. As of March 2024, I maintain a weight between 125-130 pounds. I have been able to run in several 5K's and I also work out using an elliptical and lift weights 3-4 times a week. (Women, lean muscle mass is very important for us!) In 2023 I began having skin removal surgeries as well. I won't be able to get it all removed, but I am satisfied with what I've been able to do up until this point as these procedures are painful and take time to recover. I am not shy about sharing my story as this will change your life.

    The surgery was the easy part as recovery was simple. The difficult part is making the decision each day to move your body to reach your health goals. I still struggle with wanting to overeat, but my body just won't allow it anymore. It's not a magical solution as you can still gain the weight back, just by eating smaller portions during the day. It's still a decision I have to make every day and will have to make in the future to continue to be able to live the life I want. I know my story has already helped others and I hope it can help you as well. Please reach out if you have any questions as this truly is a life-changing decision. 

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention this as well...not everyone will be on your side as you go through this process. You will hear things like, 'oh, I didn't know you had surgery, I thought you did it the natural way', 'what are you going to do with all the flabby skin', and my least favorite is when you find out the nice things said to your face are not always what was said behind your back...yes, I know. Anyway, people are going to have their own opinions no matter what you do, but this is about you and your goals so go out there and make them a reality!

    Gastric Sleeve

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, MD, FACS

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