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Jennifer C*

Jennifer C*
  • I was type 2 Diabetic and I was taking 5 shots and 2 pills a day to control it. I was on blood pressure meds and had diabetic neuropathy that I was taking three different meds for. I hurt every day I couldn't walk because my feet hurt so bad.

    I was sleeved March 25,2014. I’m petite in height at 5’2” and my start weight was 288. I am now 218 and I’m still losing.* I am not diabetic anymore and I haven't taken any diabetic meds since 3 days after surgery.* I went on vacation a month ago and I walked 11000 steps and out-walked the whole family. I cannot say thank you enough for what this tool has done for my life.

    The one photo was last summer and the other is three days ago. Was I a size 28 before surgery and my mom took me shopping for my birthday a few days ago… she bought me a new outfit in size 16 and I cried when I was able to put it on.*

    I made the best decision I have ever  in choosing BeLiteWeight and these wonderful Drs. Thank you Thank you

    Jennifer C

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery / Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy / VSG
    Surgeons: Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal & Dr. Elmo Aramburo


    *See below