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Joy B - 2 Year Update*

Joy B - 2 Year Update*
  • Loving life now. I am so blessed to have discovered your weight-loss program.

    When I found you, I was basically dying every night from apnea and severe anemia. I started this journey at over 350 lbs. and have settled at a comfortable 180-183 flux. I have energy to chase my grand babies, work and keep up with the rest of life.

    I still have issues with clothing - I can't pick up a 12 and put it in the basket to try it on - my mind still has me heading to the plus size clothes. I don't know how long it will take to look at a picture and "know" that it is me without that moment of thought.

    I feel amazing. The experience was so great and I am enjoying the journey. You and your team are truly a blessing.

    I refer people to you all the time. Two have followed through - one my daughter. The appreciation I have for you and yours can't be measured in words. Thank you!

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