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Laura S - 6 Month Update*

Laura S - 6 Month Update*
  •  I am doing well. I have lost 90 pounds since surgery and a total of 140 pounds including a two month pre surgery diet. I am currently 160 pounds and am working toward 140 pounds. The most exciting results were the blood tests I am attaching. Combining a higher protein ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting I have gone from type 2 diabetes with every complication of metabolic syndrome to the results attached. I still have days where I eat things I shouldn't and I'm grateful for the physical limits resulting from the surgery. It helps a lot. Please pass along my gratitude for all of the medical staff that cared for me.  - My A1C was checked the same day and is now 5.6 with no medication. I have stopped all diabetic, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other medications.  In January my A1C was 7.0 on the highest dose of Metformin. Two months after surgery it was 6.0.

    This "after" photo is from July when I was about 178, down from 300 pounds in January.

    My before photo I found a photo from about eight years ago. I actually gained another 50 pounds after this photo was taken but I would never let anyone take my picture.

    RNY Gastric Bypass

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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