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Leigh Ann*

Leigh Ann*
  • My current weight is 138-140 (I started at 195)* I do not drink protein shakes but I do get my protein in, I take daily vitiams I also take one biotin a day, I do not excerise but I do watch my 2 year old grand baby and she keeps me running, the conditions I had before surgery are: blood sugar out of wack, B/P elevated, and NO energy what so ever, couldn't even bend over to tie my shoes without it cutting my air off.

    Now after surgery...... PERFECT! I have not gone to get a check up only because I have no reason to go to the Dr.... Thank you BeLiteWeight... I am recommending BeLiteWeight to everyone that has a weight issue and feels like I did before the weight loss, hopeless, useless, discussing, and just didn't care if I woke up or not. Now I have a life and loving it!!!!!!!

    Procedure date: April 14, 2011
    Date of update: November 4, 2011
    Procedure: Gastric Sleeve Plication

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    *See below