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Bryan - One Month Update*

Bryan - One Month Update*
  • "I just wanted to connect for my 30 day update.  Life is amazing!  For someone who is skeptical about the internet, I can not stop talking about what a life saving and financial savings BeLiteWeight has been to me.  Honestly, when I filled out the online questionnaire I never really thought any would contact me and for sure not as quickly. It should also be noted that this journey allowed me to address many of the prejudices that I held as a poorly traveled American.  All of my fears about what I held about Mexico I kept until I actually arrived at Star Medica and met the medical staff.   I wish I could say until we were met at the airport by the driving services but I honestly felt that was all apart of the scheme.  I will make this short, my wife and I had and amazing time, the staff was awesome, and the assistant, butler...George was AWESOME!!!! What we also appreciated was when it was even believed we did not understand something, the staff made sure that someone, even if they had to find George made sure we were crystal clear.  I am so grateful that BeLiteWeight exists. Below you will find my 30day photos... I began my journey at 324lbs, 30 days later I am down 59lbs and weigh 265lbs! I have not taken my blood pressure medication since surgery. I went for a recent medical check up and here are my numbers:

    Blood pressure: 115/75

    Blood Sugar: 81

    Heart Rate: 93

    Oxygenation Rate: 98%

    Thanks again for all of you help and support, I am so excited that this is a real program for people to change their lives and get healthy!!!" *


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Surgery Gastric Sleeve


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