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Victor & Chyrie M. - 3 year update*

Victor & Chyrie M. - 3 year update*
  • I promised JoAnne I would share these. The "after" Gastric Sleeve photo is taken at the same piano. We look 20 years younger and feel it, too. I'm down 131 pounds and Victor is down 168!*

    The best thing about the new picture of me: The dress was one my sister bought (size 18) and it was too small for her. For over 40 years, I have been the heavier of the three sisters. Now, I am smaller than the other two and two of my nieces! When I mentioned to my mother that I had my sister's dress and it was an 18. She said "Mxxx can't wear an 18." I said "Well, I can!" From a size 34 to an 18! Whoohoo!*

    Thank you for everything! Life is good.

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    *See below