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Kendra H*

Kendra H*

    We were shocked at how clean the hospital is--wow--it's much cleaner than any hospital I've been to in the US.  The staff were also amazing; I've never received care like that anywhere, and the nursing staff actually cared.  I honestly can't say I've had a good experience with the nursing staff of a hospital until now.  My mom and I were talking about how great everything was at Star Medica, and we both agreed we would prefer to have any future procedures we may need there as opposed to any hospital in the States.  I was truly impressed with everything about the hospital, staff, and physicians.  I met and spoke with three different doctors in addition to Dr. Rodriguez, and they were all wonderful.  I had an allergic reaction to the pain medication and they were very attentive and empathetic, and they also solved the problem quickly once we figured out what was wrong.

    I would absolutely love to talk to prospective patients!  I'd give a glowing recommendation, and I could also assuge any safety concerns they may have.  We liked that there were security personnel throughout the hospital, and we never once felt threatened the whole time we were there.  It's best to contact me by email.  This address works, but since I'm graduating next year and I don't know if they let us keep our student accounts, my personal email is (on referral list).

    I've lost almost 10 lbs. in just a couple days. Thanks again for checking in, and thank you so much for facilitating this process.  I really can't wait to have my life back.  Thank you so much!

    Best regards,

    Kendra H


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