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Jennifer (T1)*

Jennifer (T1)*
  • My name is Jennifer, I had Lap Band surgery in Tijuana, Mexico in March 2011. At the start of my pre-op diet, I was 264.8 lbs. and I am 5'4 tall. In less than 23 weeks, I have lost 80 lbs. at 184 lbs.* I have struggled with my weight my whole life. In 2008, I lost my mother at 51 years old and then in 2010, I lost my father at 53 years old. At that point I started to question how much of life I had left to live. I felt like I was on a ticking time clock and I am only 34 years old!

    My weight at this point was only going to increase my chances of having an early death as well. I have three wonderful children, which made me even more determined to change my life. Through BeliteWeight I have gained my life back. I have insured that I will be here for the next 40 years to celebrate every event in my children and grandchildren's lives. The facility was beautiful! JoAnne and the staff were incredible! I owe the remaining years of my life to this surgery! I still have around 40 lbs. to go till goal, but I will be there before my one year "surgiversary"!

    Procedure: Lap Band

    Surgeons: The surgical team of Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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