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Sara T*

Sara T*
  • My decision to have weight loss surgery was not an easy one.  One I was very scared of having surgery and two, I’m a family of 5 and money was definitely a factor.  But when I realized the amount of money I have spent on diet foods, failed gym memberships, and consistently buying clothes as I was outgrowing mine, I knew that I needed to do something!  I did a lot of research online and found JoAnne at BeLIteWeight. I must have called 100 times and asked so many questions. Everyone there was so helpful and respectful as they have all been thru the procedure and understood my anxiety.

    From the first call in December, my mind was made up and after speaking about financing I was on my way to setting up the surgery. The financial aspect and approval process was very easy! I made electronic payments every 2 weeks until I completed my down payment, and have my monthly payment come directly out of my bank account. Very reasonable pricing.

    The trip was easy to arrange as I was given all the information on the times to schedule the flights etc. My mom and I made the trip together and came a day early to head to the San Diego Zoo. It was beautiful!  The next day our driving picked us up at the hotel and we traveled 20 minutes across the border to the most beautiful hospital I have ever been too. It was clean and quiet and everyone was very professional. We started with some x-rays and blood work and were taken to our own private room that looked like a hotel. JoAnne and a couple others gals came to visit several times to check on us and we also spent a lot of time talking with the other ladies that were there having the same procedure.

    The procedure was very short and virtually painless. The only pain I had was shoulder pain, which is very common. When I went home I had a long flight back to Seattle and even switched planes. I felt no discomfort and was even energized! Once home I had two days at home to relax, still no pain whatsoever, and then back to work!  I work 5 days a week and never once did I feel like I was in any pain, was able to walk around with ease, sit, stand etc.  2 weeks later I was at the gym walking on the treadmill, 4 weeks after that I was on the elliptical and taking water aerobics!* The weight came off like crazy!

    Best decision of my life!!!!  7 months later I am down 97 pounds* (September) and still on my way. I highly suggest this super reputable company and doctors!!
    Sara T

    Surgeons: Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal & Dr. Elmo Aramburo
    Gastric Sleeve Surgery / Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy / VSG
    Hospital Angeles, Tijuana

    *See below