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Andre M - 1 Year Update*

Andre M - 1 Year Update*
  • "A year ago...

    I weighed three hundred and forty pounds. Yikes!

    But thanks to the awesome patient advocates, nurses and doctors at BeLiteWeight, I am enthused to say that today I weighed in at 183.7 lbs.

    Still some 15-20 lbs. from where I need to be, but a massive step in the right direction.

    I liken it to a tectonic shift. A change in, not only, physique but perhaps even moreso, in mentality - a complete lifestyle overhaul. Of which, I could not be happier about!

    I feel for the first time, I am able to live life to the fullest and thus look forward-to and plan for, the future. And the future is as bright as the noon sunlight!

    For this, I am forever thankful to the people who made this all possible. Principally, my grandparents parents, friends and outlying family members, who have ALL supported me through this transition.

    So here's to health! Here is to life!

    And Thank you for what y'all have given me; As my sister, most aptly phrased it, a chance to hit the 'reset' button." *


    Surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Elmo Aramburo

    Surgery Gastric Sleeve


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