weight loss surgery before after gastric sleeve

High blood pressure, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea. The health conditions and medications that come along with obesity are vast and frightening but fortunately modern bariatric surgeries are able to provide powerful aid. Many different forms of surgeries have been developed to alter the ways the body craves and processes food while catering to patients with different medical history and weight loss needs. These technological achievements have empowered thousands to overcome their lifelong struggles with obesity and take back control of their health.

Torre B is one of BeLiteWeight’s 2015 patients who deserves special recognition for her remarkable and immediate success. She is a shining example of how bariatric surgery can provide immense medical benefits to those who need it. In less than six months she rid herself of medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol and more! Here is her update in her own words:

“I wanted to send an update on my weight to Ms. Jamie who has been a tremendous help!! I've lost 65 pounds since my surgery on July 18, 2015. I went from a size 16 to a size 7. I'm happy to report that I'm medication free. I'm no longer on High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol medication and no longer in danger of being on diabetic medication. I no longer have sleep apnea and no longer sleep with that dreaded CPAP machine at night.

I want to thank BeLiteWeight and their staff for saving my life and giving my life back. I love me and that hasn't been the case in a very long time. I hated shopping prior to my weight loss now I can't stay out of the stores! Lol…I would like to lose about 10-15 more pounds to complete my goal. I've referred lots of friends and family to BeLiteWeight and I hope their journey is as wonderful as mine has been. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new life…”*

BeLiteWeight wishes Torre a big congratulations and sends our best wishes for her continuing success! For over ten years now BeLiteWeight has been working closely with doctors and patients to facilitate bariatric surgeries and the amount of successful testimonials and inspiring stories that have transpired is truly incredible.

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