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Today we’re moving to colorful India! If the smell of fresh cumin and the vivid hue of turmeric puts a smile on your face then this is definitely the recipe for you. Indian chicken wings are a tasty and nutritious meal that you can prepare quickly and easily in your kitchen. This recipe not only will taste great but you can also enjoy them without feeling guilty! This recipe is dedicated especially for our patients, but something tells us, that the smell from the oven will tempt the rest of your household too. Be prepared to cook some extra for whomever else is around!

Aromatic Indian Chicken Wings (Low Carb)

Ingredients :

1 tbsp baking powder

2 tsp kosher salt

1/2 tsp black peper

2 tsp turmeric powder

1 or more tbsp paprika powder

1/2 tbsp garlic powder

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Vitamins – Effective Against Disease

How sick we get when we catch different infections depends on everyone’s immune system. We each have a very complicated system of defense that is regulated on many levels.

Due to aging or the course of chronic diseases the efficiency of the immune system decreases. That is why certain groups of patients are particularly vulnerable to disease and suffer from more severe infections of any kind.

All of us have compromised our immune system in the past and we are not able to rebuild it overnight. Therefore, at this particular time we must pay attention to what we can do to best support it.

Diet, lifestyle, and the ability to deal with stress are the most crucial tools at our disposal to prevent severe complications due to viral infections. If we properly manage each of these things …
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Finish faster than last time : Deborah 3 years After Gastric Sleeve

Imagine a life without stress… it’s not an easy task. It has long been known that stress is a part of life, but some of us can feel stress more than others. Let’s be honest, today’s world is not the most peaceful period in the history of mankind. We are in a pandemic that has been with us for many months, a presidential election that will be over soon, fires, hurricanes and other disturbing news from all around the world. On top of all that we deal with our own issues which each of us have and can be stressful.

All of these factors can very easily increase our stress levels. How do we stop and reduce tension? Albert Einstein supposedly said “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” So maybe …
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Andrew 2 Years After Gastric Sleeve

“I truly am finally living life the way it was supposed to lived.”-Andrew

What a beautiful thought. After seeing Andrew’s progress 2 years after having weight loss surgery we feel even more confident about being the CEO’s of our own lives. Looking at just his before and after pictures we really can’t argue with the human potential for change! He looks stunning, posing proudly with inner strength and confidence in the eyes. Andrew knew exactly what he want and he got it. Here is the rest of his letter:

“I am doing amazingly well. Holding steady at 189 lbs. I have gone from a waist size of 54/56 in pants to a 34 and a 6 XL to a medium-large in shirts. Started at 375 in August 2018. Overall loss 186lbs, about 1/2 of my prior weight. I …
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Keith & Camilla 2 Years Wight Loss Success

Keith & Camilla had their metabolic mini gastric bypass surgeries 2 years ago on the same date. Diabetes is now in remission and they are doing great… Pictures speak a thousand words.

For more information on Gastric Weight Loss Surgery and other weight loss surgical questions, please call BeLiteWeight today at 1-800-215-6497!

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More Than Just Keto Ice Cream: ChocoMint

ChocoMint Keto Ice Cream

Summer is in full swing ! The weather really pampers us, we would like to say, the sun is exceptionally gracious this season. During the hot days, we are desperately looking for the best ideas to cool ourselves down. Like always BeLite is on alert and knows one trick that is really quite good. This will not only cool you down but also offers a great taste that will put a huge smile on your face. It will definitely make sure that your scorching concern will be a stranger to you now forever. Our new summer recipe will conquer your heart but not your weight, so don’t worry, and get ready for culinary delight that you will surely love.

First of all, the process of making ice cream can seem very difficult but it …
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How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation

If before you left on vacation you were carefully keeping to your diet and taking care of what you eat, do not stop thinking about these things! The worst thing you can do during your vacation is to think “it’s vacation, I can afford – X.” Yes, you can, but why? Are you sure, that is it worth it? It will definitely take you a few steps back in achieving your goal!

Fortunately, BeLiteWeight is here to be like a lifeguard from Baywatch cautioning you to keep to your diet during this summer. So then you can still properly enjoy your awaited holiday without regret.

First of all, summer is the best time to lose weight. We eat less at high temperatures. We feel more like lighter foods. We forget about thick sauces and instead prefer fish, fresh fruits, and …
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Storm to Sunshine: Savannah 16 Month After

Weight loss surgery before and after

Dear readers, we invite you to listen to another beautiful story directly from our patient Savannah. It is so amazing what she has done in little more than one year!

“To say the last year has been easy would be a lie but was gastric bypass worth it? Absolutely! Let me tell you a little  bit about my journey…” A slim and slender figure is everyone’s dream. Sometimes, the road to success can be difficult because not only temptations, but also because of many different obstacles. Today, with great admiration, BeLite can tell the story of our patient who, after tedious efforts, found her way to find herself, so that with help our team to be on the better side of life.

After the first  6 weeks, I questioned if I did the right …
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Even Mild Obesity Raises Odds for Severe COVID-19 Complications

It might be time to focus on your health goals. The latest report from Newsweek claims that even the “mildly obese” are at a higher risk for developing severe COVID-19 complications. Here is some more startling information:

The World Obesity Federation has called for the government to intervene after gathering evidence to prove a link between obesity and the severity of COVID-19. A second global entity, the World Health Organization, now lists obesity as a risk factor for getting seriously ill with COVID-19. Thirdly, a report out of the UK suggests that two thirds of those with severe COVID-19 were overweight or obese.

An Italian report suggests that 99% of the deaths occurred in patients with pre-existing conditions that are commonly seen in obese people: hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. While this is very upsetting that is not …
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Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce

Here is last week’s promised recipe to a delicious Pizza sauce that will take you straight to the streets of Italy!

What you will need :

4 Cloves of garlic

1 Yellow onion

5 Fresh tomatoes or 1 can of tomatoes

1/2 Cup Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

Oregano ( 1 1/2 tablespoons)

Now you are only a few steps away from your perfect sauce, now all you need to do is to:

Heat the olive oil in a pan with the garlic and finely chopped onions and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes before adding the tomatoes. Now is the most important part! Cook the tomatoes for long enough that the water evaporates completely (about 25 min). When the tomatoes start to have sweet taste and start be a …
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