Storm to Sunshine: Savannah 16 Month After

Weight loss surgery before and after

Dear readers, we invite you to listen to another beautiful story directly from our patient Savannah. It is so amazing what she has done in little more than one year!

“To say the last year has been easy would be a lie but was gastric bypass worth it? Absolutely! Let me tell you a little  bit about my journey…” A slim and slender figure is everyone’s dream. Sometimes, the road to success can be difficult because not only temptations, but also because of many different obstacles. Today, with great admiration, BeLite can tell the story of our patient who, after tedious efforts, found her way to find herself, so that with help our team to be on the better side of life.

After the first  6 weeks, I questioned if I did the right …
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Even Mild Obesity Raises Odds for Severe COVID-19 Complications

It might be time to focus on your health goals. The latest report from Newsweek claims that even the “mildly obese” are at a higher risk for developing severe COVID-19 complications. Here is some more startling information:

The World Obesity Federation has called for the government to intervene after gathering evidence to prove a link between obesity and the severity of COVID-19. A second global entity, the World Health Organization, now lists obesity as a risk factor for getting seriously ill with COVID-19. Thirdly, a report out of the UK suggests that two thirds of those with severe COVID-19 were overweight or obese.

An Italian report suggests that 99% of the deaths occurred in patients with pre-existing conditions that are commonly seen in obese people: hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. While this is very upsetting that is not …
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Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce

Here is last week’s promised recipe to a delicious Pizza sauce that will take you straight to the streets of Italy!

What you will need :

4 Cloves of garlic

1 Yellow onion

5 Fresh tomatoes or 1 can of tomatoes

1/2 Cup Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

Oregano ( 1 1/2 tablespoons)

Now you are only a few steps away from your perfect sauce, now all you need to do is to:

Heat the olive oil in a pan with the garlic and finely chopped onions and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes before adding the tomatoes. Now is the most important part! Cook the tomatoes for long enough that the water evaporates completely (about 25 min). When the tomatoes start to have sweet taste and start be a …
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My Medicare Journey: Raeann 12 Months After Gastric Sleeve

”Even the furthest journey begins with the first step”

Did you know that if you or someone you know has Medicare part A and B that weight loss surgery could be a covered benefit?

The BeLiteWeight team knows this quote well and has once again helped a client through the hoops and requirements to have Medicare cover her initial weight loss surgery and as well as her revision surgery. Raeann agreed to share her results with all of you.

Raeann’s surgical weight loss ”journey” started quite early, she had Lap Band in 2007 but it had to be taken out in 2017. However, the story of our patient gets even more amazing. During her initial recovery from her Band removal surgery Raeann fell ill with unrelated thyroid issues but as she says, she never gave up! Eventually …
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Low Carb Loaded Corn Tortilla Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. On all continents, this Italian dish has millions of fans. Well-made pepperoni, vegetarian, marinara, margherita or capricciosa is not only delicious, but also, unfortunately, quite caloric. Well, we have some good news for you! There are ways to prepare pizzas in a healthy way, we know how and after reading this recipe, you will too! So let’s go. 🙂

Ingredients -2 corn tortillas -1 Cup of your favorite Pizza Sauce Our next article will show you how to make our homemade family recipe! link: -1 small onion -2 teaspoons of oregano -1 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese -fresh basil – 20g mozzarella cheese – 4 slices of salami or any spiced meat a handful of mushrooms a few broccoli rosettes or a few slices of zucchini – a …
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Waiting For This Day: Michael 13 Months After Gastric Sleeve

Our team at BeLiteWeight is always excited and proud to hear from our wonderful patients that have found the success they are looking for. We just received an update from Michael to share that is really impressive! In just 13 months he lost roughly two hundred pounds and is now off all his medications! Here is his update in his own words:

“Finally hit Onederland! This quarantine was rough, but still managed to lose 13 lbs in the last 10 weeks. Now if I could be brave enough to go get a pedicure for these darn feet! Highest Weight:399 (was probably over 400 at one point) Current Weight: 199 Total loss: 200 Best part: off all medications and I feel great!

It is incredibly inspiring to hear from someone who has changed their life for the better in such a …
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FDA Metformin Recall – Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes

FDA Recommends Voluntary Recall on Metformin Products

On May 28, 2020 the FDA issued a press release announcing they contacted five manufactures of the diabetic medication, Metformin and recommended they voluntarily recall the drug due to contamination.

The FDA will update their website as the companies respond (Link found HERE). As of the time of our blog only one company, Apotex Corp, has responded.

This is a good time to mention that many studies have shown that weight loss surgeries have a 45-95% remission rate on Type 2 diabetes. This depends on the type of surgery the patient has. Surgeries such as the Gastric Bypass have shown to have the most effective long term weight loss and a higher effect on the glucoregulatory gut peptides producing one of the highest rate of remission (Study HERE).

From our own observations, …
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BeLiteWeight Is Back And Weight Loss Surgeries Have Resumed!


Dr Rodriguez ready for weight loss surgery.
Dr. Rod is geared up and ready for surgery…or…ready for outerspace??

We are so excited to resume our scheduling efforts for Dr. Rodriguez Villarreal, Dr. Elmo Aramburo and the entire team of surgeons!! The last several weeks have been hard for us all, so we are thrilled to be coming back with renewed enthusiasm to help our patients.

Our team is EXCITED to be performing weight loss surgeries again after being quarantined for the last month. For the safety and well-being of our staff, our patients and all families involved, we are monitoring CDC recommendations and taking ALL necessary and required precautions when performing surgeries. The hospital has also been compliant and testing their staff on a regular basis.

Currently, there is a limited number of surgeries each day, to help prevent exposure. The doctors will also do a CT-Scan upon arrival, to ensure you do not have COVID-19 prior to having surgery.

As the last several weeks have had a bit of uncertainty in the air, we are confident that we will still provide the same great level of service and continue to do our best to help as many people as we can. We encourage you to spread the word of BeLiteWeight. About 40% of our patients come from direct referrals, and we appreciate every single one of you for sending your friends, family and co-workers to us. Please, continue to help us help them!

BeLiteWeight (800) 215-6497 or email directly to:

Finally Living Again: Heidi 6 Month Post Sleeve

One decision can change your whole life. Once again, BeLiteWeight is very happy to hear another beautiful story from one of our newer patients Heidi. It makes us especially proud to see her with such a big bright smile & writing such kind words in her recent letter. She gave us permission to share it!


At my heaviest I was 225 pounds at only 5’2. I was so physically tired carrying around the weight. I have an office job and kids that were older so my lifestyle really supported my obesity. I could get away with sitting most of the day at work and then when I got home I could do the same. Each day I would sit more and more because it was so exhausting to me to do anything else. So I just stopped trying. …
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Obesity History & Future

The modern diet has developed over the past 50 years to now consist of significant quantities of chemicals and poor quality carbohydrates. Two recent studies look at both the past and the upcoming projections at how obesity has and will continue to impact our lives. Americans are not getting smaller, and there are serious consequences on our human genetics because of this global trend.

The New York Times recently released an article that scientists project by the year 2030 fifty percent of American adults will by scientifically obese. While it may seem that health fads and exercise regiments have helped counter the obesity trend, this is true for only particular groups. As a whole the nation is becoming much unhealthier.

One major impact that this diet has had on our human genetics as a whole can be seen in …
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