Metabolic-Surgical-Options-for-DiabetesNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month! With all the advances in medical technology, it is hard to believe there is no established cure for Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, diabetes is on the rise worldwide. Studies suggest that by 2034 the number of diabetics will rise from 23 million to upwards of 44 million people!*

Diabetes is a very serious medical condition with a large complication rate. When a person has this disease, their body does not produce or utilize their bodies’ insulin, causing glucose and blood sugar levels in the blood to spike. The costs of typical medical aids are up to $33,000 a year, and they are generally not effective or curative.* Tragically, even with proper medical services, patients often face horrible side effects including dialysis, loss of limb functionality, heart attacks, and often death. Fortunately new evidence is suggesting there is a nonconventional way to restore the bodies insulin processes: Bariatric Surgery (Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes).

Bariatric surgery refers to a set of abdominal sugeries which are extremely effective at helping people suffering from obesity lose significant amounts of weight. Further research is showing that bariatric/metabolic surgeries has an effect on insulin production and utilization, making it curative and able to reverse Type 2 Diabetes back in to remission.** Just one example comes from a study in the Annals of Surgery which concluded 83 percent of 240 diabetic patients were completely cured of their disease after having the gastric bypass surgery!*

For less than the cost of one year of standard medical aid, bariatric surgery could be curing diabetics completely of their disease.** Here is the story of Jeff, a diabetic who is also a nurse and well informed regarding the dangers of his illness. One month after his bariatric surgery, he has rapidly stabilizing blood sugar levels and is down from two hundred units of insulin to less than twenty. Bariatric surgeries’ effects on the disease are extremely rapid. Here is his entire story in his own words:

As a nurse for twenty years, I know too well the tragedy of runaway diabetes and obesity. I had both. No matter what I did: diet, exercise, diet supplements, and just plain fear, all of my good intentions eventually imploded and I was once again packing on the pounds and watching my diabetes and weight soar out of reach. Eventually, I just wrote my will and resigned myself to my fate.

I had been aware that bariatric surgery could radically improve one’s chances of limiting, or even putting diabetes into remission, but for all my knowledge and experience I was baffled where to begin. A phone call to BeLiteWeight and Nicky and Jamie smoothly clarified my options and helped me to understand which bariatric option would be best for me.

Then there was the scenario of having the surgery in Mexico. This was a better option for me, as I live next door to Juarez, but another weight loss agency described their surgeon’s services as being done in a strip mall, with the recovery period taking place in a hotel room. Not good.

Again, BeLiteWeight gave me information about one of the finest hospitals in Juarez. I know a lot of people who are intimately connected with Juarez, and without exception, every single one highly recommended BeLiteWeight. If there was any trouble, I would have found it.

I had less than perfect credit because of the stock market debacle five years ago, and wondered how in the world I could afford to get this life saving surgery. My insurance considered it a “cosmetic procedure.” Cosmetic my foot, literally. My diabetes was making its presence known.

Again, Nicky and Jamie efficiently steered me into a loan company who provided terms I could easily afford. The complications of getting into Mexico, and out? Jamie and Nicky made that super easy, as well.

Transportation: the shuttle was there right on time and whisked my wife and I smoothly to the hospital’s front door.

The hospital: I have worked in many hospitals throughout the United States. The hospital was spotless and comfortable, the staff friendly and professional. I was processed in with remarkable speed and efficiency. The room was more like a pleasant suite, again spotless, comfortable and roomy.  I would gladly prefer to have any surgical procedure done in Juarez over many of the hospitals I have worked in the United States.

The procedure: Again, it can be summed up as efficient in every way. They told me what they would do and when they would do it, and it went exactly on time very smoothly. Dr. Rodriguez came and met with us, and cordially answered all my questions in English.

The pain: there wasn’t any. At worst I felt a little sore once it was done. The staff kept me well supplied with good pain and nausea medication, and I was up walking about the facility, doing my laps, within an hour of the procedure. Going to a dentist is much more difficult. I was back to work at the end of the week.

The surgical wounds: there was never a trace of infection. There was no bleeding. Dr. Rodriguez made the smallest of incisions and sealed them with Durabond and already, a month later, the small scars are beginning to fade.

Psychologically: Life after stomach. I was out the next morning following one day in the hospital. It is an adjustment to going from eating like a horse, as I did, to being only able to tolerate food in very small amounts. My brain says “EAT,” and my stomach says, “NO THANKS.” Each day gets a little easier. In the first week, I did have significant hunger pangs, but they are lessening daily. Every day gets easier to get my brain around eating just a little amount, and my tiny stomach feels more and more comfortable.

The weight loss: BeLiteWeight provided me with a comprehensive pre and post surgical eating plan. Lots of vitamin supplements. The pounds are melting off me like snow in July, and I don’t have to fight it. I went from 265 pounds the day of surgery to 234 pounds in a month. My feet don’t hurt so much. I can sleep on my side again, which I couldn’t do because my obesity hurt my hips. My knees don’t hurt so much. I can tie my shoes and getting in and out of a car isn’t like trying to climb Mt. Everest any more. I have more energy.

My blood sugars are rapidly returning to normal. It is soon yet, but I have gone from using two hundred, or more, units of insulin every day, to using less than twenty, and some days not at all. It is too soon to predict the final outcome, but it strongly appears that my diabetes is going into remission.

Paying for it: No lie, I save so much on groceries and eating out that it is no trouble making payments. I still get to enjoy food, just in very small amounts.

The hope: Best of all I have hope for the future. I no longer wonder when my diabetes is going to ruin my life and my ability to support my family. I have hope for a long and healthy life to provide for my family. Bariatric surgery was the best decision I ever made, and BeLiteWeight helped me every step of the way.

I cannot thank you enough for getting me over the hump.

Jeff M
El Paso, Texas

For more information on bariatric surgeries such as the Gastric Sleeve or Bypass and how they might reverse your diabetes, contact BeLiteWeight today!

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** Individual Results May Vary