The modern diet has developed over the past 50 years to now consist of significant quantities of chemicals and poor quality carbohydrates. Two recent studies look at both the past and the upcoming projections at how obesity has and will continue to impact our lives. Americans are not getting smaller, and there are serious consequences on our human genetics because of this global trend.

The New York Times recently released an article that scientists project by the year 2030 fifty percent of American adults will by scientifically obese. While it may seem that health fads and exercise regiments have helped counter the obesity trend, this is true for only particular groups. As a whole the nation is becoming much unhealthier.

One major impact that this diet has had on our human genetics as a whole can be seen in the declining puberty rates in females since the 1970s. A European study published in The Independent details how over 38 research projects were compared with more than ten thousand girls from all over the world. Scientists suspect that obesity is a major contributing reason.

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