Kristy has always been an avid horse rider. She shared the difference in her life, just three months after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery, with Dr. Jose Rodriguez-Villarreal and Dr. Elmo Aramburo.

  Kristy’s Story: 3 Months, A World of Difference (Before Photo) - See her AFTER Photo WOW!"I was 230 pounds and before my surgery it was hard for me to pull myself up onto my horse. I always looked for a pickup to help me up into the saddle. I never wanted to get off my horse unless I as done riding for the day."

Kristy had her surgery the middle of December, 2012. She wrote to us and sent her "after" photo just a few weeks ago.

 Kristy’s Story: 3 Months, A World of Difference (After Photo) - See her BEFORE photo! Wow!"This picture was taken on February 19th. I was at 180 pounds then. Now this morning (March 5th) I was at 172 pounds.

I'm now 12 pounds away from my goal weight!!!  I am able to now get right onto my horse with NO problem at all!!! I'm so happy I did this surgery… Thank you BeLiteWeight!!! My life has forever changed!!"    



A side by side photo comparison of Kristy before and after weight loss surgery. Doesn't she look great? Kristy’s Weight Loss Success Story: 3 Months, A World of Difference | BeLiteWeightWe wanted to share Kristy's triumph because it is a wonderful reminder that having successful weight loss surgery isn't about the numbers on a scale or a BMI chart somewhere. For most patients it's about regaining the simple pleasures in their life and health that mean the most to them.  Congratulations Kristy! Thank you for sharing with us!