Why You Need to Unplug for Better HealthSociety is fast-paced. Technology gives everybody instant access to breaking news and status updates. All day, every day.

But if everything is moving so fast, why is everyone so sedentary?

The culprit could be the very tools and toys that bring us all the information. Think about it: When people are connected to their technology, they're not moving. They're sitting on the couch, lying in bed, snacking on their favorite sugary treats while they check out their friends' latest status updates.

So what's an information junkie who wants to lose a little weight supposed to do? Well, the first step is to unplug–from the iPad, smart phone, laptop and tablet.

Sound painful? Don't worry. Here are seven reasons why it'll work (and why it won't hurt as much as you may think):

It's not permanent  Don't cut the power forever, just long enough to get some exercise–30 minutes a day. How much can you really miss in 30 minutes?

Less stress What causes more stress eating than work emails? Don't check your work emails from home and you'll see your stress level drop, meaning you won't be as likely to reach for those comfort foods. Less stress equals less stress eating, which means you lose weight.

Why You Need to Unplug for Better HealthFriends Would you rather text with your friends about your weight, or get out there and actually lose it? That's right, you want to lose the weight, so unplug and go for a walk with your friends.

More (of the right kind) of play There's no better way to burn calories than spending some time playing. No, that doesn't mean playing Candy Crush Saga. It means playing with the kids. Unplug in the afternoon and you'll have more time to do just that.

You'll sleep better One minute you're lying in bed doing a little online shopping, the next minute it's past midnight you have to get up in five hours. The next day you're too tired to work out, so you skip the gym. That's not a good way to lose weight. Unplug earlier in the evening and you'll get a better night's sleep.

More time What's the number one excuse for not working out? That's right: not enough time. Unplug for a while you'll have plenty of time to get around to working out.

It's fun Losing weight in the real world is more fun than anything going on in the virtual world. Hands down. Guaranteed.