karina s 2 4 and 6 month weight loss story journey gastric sleeve vsg vertical“I’ll never forget receiving the first phone call from you and it changed my life.” – Karina

What a fabulous story. Karina began her weight loss journey at a height of 228 pounds when she decided it was time to make a change. At first she was nervous about travelling to Mexico for her surgery, but after learning that our highly skilled surgeons Dr. Jose Rodriguez and Dr. Elmo Aramburo only operate out of full size certified hospitals with intensive/critical care units (ICU/CCU). While we never expect patients to need these services it was comforting for her to know that they were available if anything unexpected happened. Within 2 months she was able to cut off 36 pounds!

karina s 2 month after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve vsgThe first few weeks after surgery Karina had a rocky start. Occasionally some patients have an issue with an inflammation of the stomache after surgery. Most commonly this inflammation is called gastritis. Even amidst her issues she wrote to us..

“I honestly have nothing negative to say about my experience. Surgery or hospital stay, It was simply amazing. Well executed and everyone was very attentive. I love that the nurse staff was always coming by to check on me and cleaning my incisions too. I love the round the clock care at night as I slept. The assistance to shower and use the bathroom. I have not had any experience like that in the US. I would do this all over again. Even with the post op complications I have been having. That has nothing to do with the surgeon or the experience.

Fortunately about 4 weeks later her situation improved and she has since returned to normal 🙂 By 4 months she was down 60 pounds!

karina s 4 month after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve vsg“This month will be four months since my sleeve 🙂 Thank you so much for all the advice and the help you have provided me with. I’m not where I want to be but I’m so much closer now. 125 does not seem too far away now”

You have to admire her cheerful spirit! It has now been 6 months since her surgery and she is only 23 more pounds away from her goal. But don’t you think she already looks amazing? From 228 to 148! Pat yourself on the back Karina BeLiteWeight is so proud of you! 

karina s 6 month after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve vsgTo learn more about the Gastric Sleeve and other weight loss options call BeLiteWeight today!