Weight Loss Recipe: Ginger and Cilantro Baked TilapiaPhoto and Recipe Courtesy of The Big Oven

Fish is a great source of protein. With this recipe you can use Tilapia or any similar white fish (sole, cod, etc.) This recipe is sweet and spicy and salty from the soy sauce. Give it a try!


2 Large Tilapia fillets (or similar thin white fish); about 3/4 pound

1 jalapeno pepper (optional); chopped fine

3 garlic cloves; chopped fine

1 Inch fresh ginger; grated (1 tablespoon)

2 tablespoons soy Sauce

1/4 cup white wine

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1/3 cup cilantro; chopped

salt to taste

pepper to taste

scallions & extra ciantro for garnish


1. Pre-heat oven to 475 degrees F

2. Pat the fish dry and season lightly with salt and pepper, place in a glass baking dish.

3. Put the pepper, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, white wine, sesame oil and cilantro in a food processor and process until blended. (or just put in a small bowl and whisk until blended.)

4. Pour the sauce over the fish, rubbing it in a little.

5. Bake for about 8 minutes; or until the fish flakes easily with a fork and is cooked through.

6. Serve immediatley over brown rice, garnish with scallions and cilantro.