We made this Puffy Keto Fry Bread recipe, thanks to the creators @KetoFocus  and instead of thin, crispy keto taco shells, we adjusted the recipe slightly (on accident) and ended up with thicker, puffier shells, more like a fry bread. Wow, what a great texture and flavor!

It definitely changed up the boring corn (or keto cheese shell) taco. It was a hit with no left overs!!! Check out the original recipe link below for a more crispy taco shell and then keep reading for how we adjusted to make them more like a puffy fry bread instead. You choose which you prefer (crispy or puffy)…either way, both are sure to be a hit at your house.

These shells would go PERFECTLY with our Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe…try this for your next Taco Tuesday (or any day, since they’re sooo yummy) and give us your review!


Here is the link to the original creators of the “Crispy” Keto Taco Shells (Keto Focus):


They deserve all the credit because it’s such a great recipe – Thank you!!


If you want more “Puffy” Keto Taco Shells (like Fry Bread), like the ones we made in our video, follow these adjustments:

  • KetoFocus did not specify a brand to use for the unflavored protein powder, so we used Equip Prime Unflavored Protein Powder and it is an AWESOME product.
  • After making the first 2 shells, I noticed they came out thinner and crispier than I normally like. I also noticed that the dough was easier to handle after letting it sit for about 10 minutes, which probably attributed to a better “press” on the tortilla press. So let the dough rest for about 10 minutes before starting.
  • When pressing the dough on the tortilla press, I didn’t press down as hard, which left it more on the thicker side (hence, when frying, they turn out “puffy”).



This is going to be my new favorite shell for tacos. I like it way better than most keto shells (which use cheese), because then everything tastes like cheese. I can’t wait to make these Puffy Keto Fry Bread shells again with the Cilantro Lime Chicken…LOOK OUT TACO TUESDAY!!!


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