Wow!! For an amazingly delicious keto pizza, you must try Victoria’s Keto Kitchen’s recipes for her Perfected Keto Flour and her pizza. Way better than Fathead pizza BY FAR! Look how my pizza turned out here.

This pizza turned out ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and was even better the next day. The structure of the crust allowed for multiple toppings and wasn’t all “floppy”. It held up nicely. This recipe is NOT cheese or cauliflower based. This is a yeast risen dough and smells just like an authentic pizza kitchen dough when cooked! You will be amazed and not regret the time it takes to develop the dough.

In Victoria’s Keto Kitchen recipe, the entire pizza crust is 12.5g carbs, so if you cut your pizza in 8 slices, that makes each slice less than 2g of carbs (before adding any toppings). This is now our go-to pizza crust recipe, especially since other members of our household, who are not practicing low carb eating, LOVED IT!!!

PLEASE try this recipe – it is worth it!!!!!!!!!!

KUDOS to Victoria for developing this awesome recipe that is sooo much better than Fathead pizza dough. The link to her Perfected Keto Flour is: and the link to her pizza is: *Be sure to read her description box for full instructions on both recipes – she has valuable information in the YouTube description boxes.

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