PIZZA – Healthy and Really Delicious

 Healthy and really delicious
Healthy & Delicious!

When on a diet, or just living a healthy lifestyle, pizza is one of the most forbidden dishes. Everyone loves pizza. It’s not easy for anyone to give up such a beloved dish. Today BeLiteWeight will prove that it is not necessary to suffer with cravings for pizza while dieting. Our team has found a simple healthy recipe that is proven to satisfy😊

-About 5 cups of cauliflower rice. (Try using normal cauliflower in a blender to make your own cauliflower rice)
-2 eggs
-1 Tsp baking powder.
-1 Tsp of spices: oregano, basil, thyme-Large pinch of salt
– A half cup of Parmesan cheese for the dough
– Large pinch of almond flour


What to put on top is all preference. The true secret is the Italian tomato Sauce that we shared before.

In our recipe we suggest:

-Homemade tomato sauce
-Gorgonzola cheese



Preparation :
Make sure the cauliflower rice is pre-cooked which it makes it easier to squeeze the water out. For this purpose use an oven preheated to 400 F and cook for 15 minutes (this is enough for our cauliflower to become soft)

Roll the cauliflower rice into a special material or use a kitchen cloth. Squeeze the water out as much as possible. The rice should be dry and “loose”

Mix with the rest of dough ingredients
  • Shape the dough pizza and put in the oven for 25 minutes. After, turn the pizza crust to the other side so that the dough is very well baked and even dry.

Finally, use your favorite ingredients to top the pizza. We recommend using gorgonzola cheese, balsamic sauce, and fruit which will make the taste properly sophisticated 😉

  • Put your pizza inside the oven for again for 7-10 min

Now you can enjoy delicious pizza without any guilty feeling. It is totally healthy!

Bon Apetit !

Low Carb Loaded Corn Tortilla Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. On all continents, this Italian dish has millions of fans. Well-made pepperoni, vegetarian, marinara, margherita or capricciosa is not only delicious, but also, unfortunately, quite caloric. Well, we have some good news for you! There are ways to prepare pizzas in a healthy way, we know how and after reading this recipe, you will too! So let’s go. 🙂


-2 corn tortillas
-1 Cup of your favorite Pizza Sauce 
     Our next article will show you how to make our homemade family recipe!
-1 small onion
-2 teaspoons of oregano
-1 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese
-fresh basil
- 20g mozzarella cheese
- 4 slices of salami or any spiced meat
a handful of mushrooms
a few broccoli rosettes or a few slices of zucchini
- a few drops of olive oil
You can always use your other favorite vegetables too*   
Preparation is Easy ! 

1 Brush the tortillas with sauce 

2 Put on the cheese and vegetables given in the recipe (with extra of your favorites!)    

3 Bake for 5-7 minutes in an oven preheated to 425 degrees.  

4 Serve with olive oil and fresh basil.
 Simple right? Plus, you don't have to feel super guilty about eating these pizzas. 

 Buon Appetito 

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Delicious & Low Carb Homemade Pizza

You don't have to miss out on your favorite foods when you're watching what you eat, even when it comes to pizza. While it is tempting to order that greasy pizza from the shop down the street with all the toppings, you can create a healthier one right in your own kitchen. It is much easier than you might think and the result is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to stay on track with their diet restrictions.

Full of delicious and good-for-you vegetables along with using low carb tortilla wraps and reduced fat cream cheese, this veggie delight pizza is simple, fast to make, and perfect as both a quick and light snack or an entire meal. Also, you don't even have to use an oven for this recipe!

Here are the ingredients you will need down below. The following measurements make approximately eight servings. You can also substitute certain vegetables with your own veggie preferences.

  • Delicious & Low Carb Homemade Pizza | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Recipes Two low carb wraps, large
  • 1/2 cups of chive and onion cream cheese, low fat
  • 1/2 cups of sour cream, light
  • One package of dry mix for ranch dressing
  • 1/8 cups of carrots, shredded
  • 3/4 cups of broccoli, raw
  • 3/4 cups of tomatoes, diced
  • 1/8 cups of green peppers, diced
  • 1/8 cups of cucumbers, diced
  • 3/4 cups of Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, light and shredded
  • 1/2 cups of black olives, sliced

And here are the directions to make this yummy veggie pizza below.

  • Mix together the cream cheese, sour cream, and packet of dry ranch dressing together in a medium mixing bowl until an even consistency is achieved.
  • Start spreading the mixture evenly over the tortillas until a smooth base is created. Now, top it with all the vegetables, olives, and finally sprinkle the cheeses on top.

Now, cut the pieces into four slices or squares and serve!