Devon had her Gastric Sleeve surgery two years ago. After struggling with infertility, her dream of becoming a mother finally came true!

Read more about her 2 year update in her own words:

“Hello. Thanks for checking in. I’m so glad I had my surgery and lost weight.

It made my dream of becoming a mother come true. Due to pcos and thyroid issues, Doctors said I couldn’t have kids.

But I chose this surgery to help give me a chance and it worked!!

I had my baby girl in April after struggling with infertility for 5 years.  

I lost 75 lbs…Started at 220. I got pregnant a year after surgery and I’m still down to 153 (8 lbs away from my pre baby weight.)

I am so happy to be a mother and I’m feeling better than ever.

Thanks BeLiteWeight and Dr. Rod!”

CONGRATULATIONS DEVON! Your little bundle of joy is absolutely precious! We’re so glad your dream came true! Keep up the great work on your weight loss, you look fantastic!

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