Lap Band Surgery: The Ideal Weight Loss Surgery For Obese Women Who Want a Safe Pregnancy | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss ServicesPregnancy is one of the most life changing times in a woman's life. But being overweight may hinder a woman's ability to become pregnant. Obesity negatively affects a woman's fertility due to inhibiting normal ovulation, and for women who would want to have in vitro fertilization treatment in order to become pregnant, obesity may also affect the outcome of the procedure.

According to several studies, obese women also have an increased risk of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine), infection, thrombosis (blood clots) and sleep apnea. They may also have an overdue pregnancy or problems during labor, which may result in a C-section or loss of pregnancy.

After Weight Loss Surgery and Before Pregnancy Lap band surgery – weight loss surgery that involves an adjustable gastric banding device that reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold – is an ideal way for obese women to lose weight so they may increase their chance of a safe pregnancy. When decreasing in weight, your body will become more fertile and increase your chance in pregnancy. Unlike irreversible weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery and stomach stapling, the lap band is adjustable to accommodate the higher amount of calories taken in during pregnancy.

The lap band website advises patients to wait, ideally, until one year after surgery to become pregnant in order to recover from band placement and because of rapid weight loss. If patients do become pregnant less than a year after their surgery, it is fine because they can start their weight loss again later.

However, if you are planning to become pregnant after undergoing weight loss surgery, it is important that you talk with your lap band surgeon and our team at BeLiteWeight beforehand. Your surgeon will then be able to remove fluid from your band so you may increase your intake of necessary nutrients and calories for a healthy pregnancy. Due to its adjustable band, lap band surgery helps make it possible for women to have a safer pregnancy and healthier pregnancy.