Matcha Green Tea: A Healthy Substitute for Coffee | BeLiteWeight | Weight Loss Services

Matcha green tea has been used in Japan for centuries, and this refreshing beverage is an ideal way to feel rejuvenate the body and mind. Many coffee drinkers have realized that matcha green tea is a much healthier beverage.

There are several benefits that this drink offers: it increases the body’s metabolic rate and causes more calories to burn during the day; it includes a number of amino acids; and it is generally known as a mood-enhancing beverage.

There are plenty of health benefits associated with drinking matcha green tea, and it is preferable to coffee for a number of reasons. Coffee contains high quantities of caffeine and usually leads to a jittery rush. After a short time, the caffeine is gone, and most people experience a period of reduced energy levels (‘withdrawal’). Matcha green tea is better because it slowly releases caffeine and there is no spike in blood glucose levels. In addition to caffeine, green tea also contains theanine, which is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and overall good moods. The high theanine content also reduces stress and anxiety.

Weight loss is another benefit associated with regular consumption of matcha green tea. Tea drinkers will boost their body’s natural metabolism, which is a very healthy way to lose weight. Because the body burns more calories throughout the day and it is safe to drink more green tea than coffee, most drinkers usually lose weight. (Studies have shown that matcha green tea will actually boost the body’s metabolic rate by up to 17 percent!) Anti-oxidants are also highly abundant, which is another reason it has been gaining more acclaim for its cancer-fighting properties.

Coffee drinkers are sure to benefit when they rely on matcha green tea to help them get their caffeine fix. This is a refreshing beverage that has been used and proven an effective health remedy for thousands upon thousands of years. It is highly-prized in Asian societies and has been used for weight loss and a variety of other home remedies. Because the tea contains theanine, there is none of the associated jitters that accompany beverages with high caffeine content, and it also contains up to 10 times as many anti-oxidants as other green teas and is a nutritional powerhouse.

Only one question remains: what’s not to love?